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Town of Yorktown Town of Yorktown
December Regular Council Meeting

Monday, December 19, 2016 at 05:30 PM

MEETING DATE: Monday, December 19, 2016 at 05:30 PM
MEETING PLACE: Yorktown Police Department

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approve Claims
Documents: Accounts Payable | Appropriations Report | Vendor Report

Approve Minutes
Documents: November Minutes

Old Business

  1. Internal Controls
    Documents: Internal Controls Explanation | Internal Controls Ordinance 744
  2. Sewage Works Refunding Bonds
    Documents: Bond Term Sheets | Refunding Agreement with Umbaugh | Bill for Umbaugh Services

New Business

  1. Yorktown Redevelopment Commission Downtown Revitalization Plan Presentation
    Documents: Redevelopment Presentation Explanation | Preliminary Redevelopment Plan
  2. Resolution 2016-5 Approving the Order of the Yorktown Plan Commission
    Documents: Resolution 2016-5 Approving the Order of the Yorktown Plan Commission | Plan Commission Resolution 2016-1 | YRC Resolution 2016-1
  3. Letter of Authorization/Approval of Purchase of 9308 W Smith St, Yorktown
    Documents: Letter of Authorization Explanation | Purchasing Agent Letter of Authorization | Settlement Statement
  4. Authorization for Town Manager to be Disposing Agent
    Documents: Explanation of Disposing Agent
  5. Hiring of Town Personnel
    Documents: New Hire/Salary Ordinance Explanation
  6. Ordinance 746 - 2017 Salary Ordinance
    Documents: Ordinance 746
  7. Approve Plan Commission Resolution regarding Property in Wellington Knoll
    Documents: Plan Commission Resolution Explanation | Plan Commission Resolution
  8. Transfer Resolution 2016-4
    Documents: Transfer Resolution 2016-4
  9. Ordinance 745 - Changes to Yorktown Personnel Policy Manual
    Documents: Ordinance 745

Water/Waste Water/Storm Water

Departmental Reports

  1. Park Board
  2. Fire Chief
  3. Town Marshal
  4. Town Manager
  5. Clerk Treasurer

Comments from the Floor

Comments from Town Council Members

Upcoming Meetings
Documents: 2017 Meeting Schedule