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Town of Yorktown Town of Yorktown
Regular Council Meeting - May 15, 2023

Monday, May 15, 2023 at 06:00 PM

MEETING DATE: Monday, May 15, 2023 at 06:00 PM
MEETING PLACE: Yorktown Town Hall

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approve Claims
Documents: Accounts Payable Register | Appropriations Report | Fund Report

Approve Minutes
Documents: April 17, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Comments from the Floor

Public Hearing - Petition to Vacate Public Ways
Documents: Petition to Vacate Unimproved Platted Alleys

Unfinished Business

  1. Ordinance 835 - Amending Ordinance 294 Ordinance Violations Bureau
    Documents: Ordinance 835

New Business

  1. Ordinance 836 - Vacate Alleys
    Documents: Ordinance 836
  2. Ordinance 837 - Amending Ordinance 471 Linda Davis Donation Fund
    Documents: Ordinance 837 Explanation | Ordinance 837
  3. Resolution 2023-05 Designating Outdoor Refreshment Areas
    Documents: Resolution 2023-05 Explanation | Resolution 2023-05
  4. Resolution 2023-06 Dispose of Surplus Property Resolution
    Documents: Resolution 2023-06 Explanation | Resolution 2023-06
  5. Resolution 2023-07 Amending the Plan for Distribution of ARPA Funds
    Documents: Resolution 2023-07 Explanation | Resolution 2023-07
  6. Approval of Town Construction Standards
    Documents: Construction Standards Explanation | Town of Yorktown Construction Standards
  7. Approval of Staff Performance Evaluations
    Documents: Staff Performance Evaluations Explanation | Performance Evaluation Form
  8. AEP Land Lease Agreement
    Documents: AEP Lease Explanation | Map
  9. Fireworks Expense Approval
    Documents: Fireworks Explanation | Boomtown Invoice
  10. Nebo Road Park Design
    Documents: Nebo Road Park Design Explanation | Flatland Resources Quote-Park Design
  11. Parks Master Plan Update
    Documents: Parks Master Plan Update Explanation | Flatland Resources Quote-Park Master Plan
  12. Trail Feasibility Study
    Documents: Trail Feasibility Study Explanation | Flatland Resources Quote-Trail Feasibility Study

Water/Waste Water/Storm Water

  1. WWTP Sludge Pump Parts Purchase
    Documents: Sludge Pump Parts explanation | Liberty Process Equipment Quote
  2. WWTP Fan Press Control Cabinet Purchase
    Documents: Air Conditioning Unit Explanation | Masiongale Electrical Quote
  3. Water Service Line Inventory
    Documents: Water Service Line Inventory Explanation | 120Water Scope of Work | 120Water Quote

Departmental Reports

  1. Fire Chief
  2. Town Marshal
  3. Town Manager
  4. Clerk Treasurer

Comments from Town Council Members

Upcoming Meetings