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Online and Automatic Bill Pay Instructions

If you would like to pay your bill online or automatically through your checking account, please follow these steps:

For online bill pay

  1. Click the green “Online Bill Pay” tab on the homepage of our website. This will re-route you to Invoice Cloud. 
  2. At Invoice Cloud, scroll down to “Register”, listed as the bottom option on the right side of the page. Use your Customer Number and last name to register.
  3. Once you have registered, you will see a list of their most recent invoices. You can check the box to the left of the most recent invoice and choose to add it to the shopping cart to pay, or register it and set up additional options. From the website, you can see you bill, set up bills to be sent via email, and set automatic payments.

*The website does not allow partial payments, and will not allow credit/debit card payments over $200.00. If you need to pay more than $200.00, you will have to use your checking account by entering your routing number and checking account number. Fees for online pay: $3.45 to pay with a card, or only $.95 to pay with a checking account.

For automatic payment from your checking account

If you are interested in setting up an automatic payment (ACH) through your checking account, please fill out this form and bring with a voided check with to our utility office.

If you choose to do an ACH debit for you bill, you will still receive a bill in the mail, but in bold print, it will say “Automatic payment, do not pay” at the top of the bill. This allows us to notify you how much will be debited from your account. The debit usually occurs about two business days before the due date to allow time for the bank to process it.

If you have any questions about online or automatic bill pay, please contact our utility office at 765-759-8521.