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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Bachmann, Jessica Utility Clerk    
Boone, David Fire Chief Fire Department 765-759-5836
Caldwell, Tim Street Superintendent Streets 765-759-4003
Cecil, Toni Erosion Control Inspector Stormwater Management 765-749-1114
Flanagan, Daniel At-Large Council Member Town Council 765-759-4003
Fox, Lon At-Large Council Member Town Council 765-759-4003
Glaub, Rick Council Member-District 3 Town Council 765-759-4003
Guinn, Marta Councilmember Town Council 765-759-4003
Horner, Chris   Join the Department   765-759-5836
Hurley, Erin Town Manager Administrative Assistant Town Manager 765-759-4003
Jaromin, Ryan Investigator/Patrolman   765-759-7760
Lee, Richard Council President Town Council 765-759-4003
Marlow, Debbie Utility Accounting Clerk Utility Billing Office 765-759-4001
Neff, Alan Waste Water Superintendent Wastewater Treatment 765-759-9698
Olson, Peter L Town Manager Town Manager 765-759-4003
Perry, Nanci Councilmember Town Council 765-759-4003
Ratchford, Robert Council Vice President Town Council 765-759-4003
Ray, Matt Zoning & Building Commissioner Building & Zoning 765-759-0142
Studebaker, Wayne Water Superintendent Public Works 765-759-4003
Staff 1-19 of 19