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Trash & Recycling

Trash Collection
 Trash collection is privatized through a bidding process and contracts with a private firm to provide collection services.  Residential pick up is scheduled one time per week.  The trash collection provider issues two large totes in which to place your trash for hauling.  Trash must be placed inside the totes for pick up. 
To determine your area's trash and recycling collection days, please click here.
Curbside Recycling
 The Town of Yorktown provides once-a-week curbside recycling collection for Town residents.  The recycling contractor provides each customer with a specially marked bin for recycling that is available at Town Hall.
The following items can be placed into the blue recycling bins:
  1. Plastics (Numbers 1-7)
  2. Glass (both clear and colored)
  3. All steel, tin, aluminum, and bi-metal cans and containers
  4. Paper/paperboard
  5. Junk mail
  6. Telephone books
  7. Magazines
  8. Catalogs
  9. Newspapers
  10. Corrugated cardboard
Note: Labels do not need to be removed from packaging but if possible please rinse and flatten cans when appropriate.
Broken Totes
 If you have a problem with the trash toter or a missed stop, please call Best Way directly at (800) 745-5714.  
Trash Billing
If you have a billing question or need to establish service, please call the Yorktown Utility Office at (765)759-8521.

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