The Town of Yorktown, Indiana

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New Town Hall

                      Downtown Redevelopment

It is often said that the heart and soul of a community is in its downtown area. The Town is currently engaged in a long-term, comprehensive effort to redevelop the Downtown Yorktown area to benefit existing residents and businesses as well as attract new ones. The Yorktown Redevelopment Commission has developed a clear set of principles to guide the downtown redevelopment process:

  • Create a social and economic hub for Yorktown
  • Develop a destination Downtown Yorktown
  • Create a multi-generational attraction
  • Create a culture unique to Yorktown

In 2016, the Town created Downtown Yorktown Redevelopment Plan, which contains conceptual plans of the future downtown area as well as an action plan to see these plans carried out. It continues to be the goal of the Yorktown Town Council and Redevelopment Commission to execute downtown redevelopment in order to further define Yorktown as a stand-out community.

The plans for redevelopment continue to evolve as the council and redevelopment commission talk with possible partners and businesses interested in the area.  In late 2017, planning and detailed design concepts for the right of ways, park area and other public space took better form.  Additionally, the town and redevelopment commission had an Economic Impact Analysis done to project the financial impact that would be felt through the community and Delaware County. 

In January 2020, the Town hosted a luncheon presentation with developers and business owners from around the state to discuss business opportunities available in downtown Yorktown. This "Grow Yorktown" initiative has stirred excitement surrounding the redevelopment and has generated several interested developers.

As the downtown project evolves, there will continue to be evolutions of the plan.  Most recently the council and redevelopment commission discussed the need for additional parking around the civic green proposed area along with additional parking for the new Town Hall.  You can see the most updated map here.   

For questions about downtown redevelopment, please contact the Town Manager's office at (765) 759-4003.