The Town of Yorktown, Indiana

A Great Place to Call Home

Downtown Market Analysis

In an effort to leverage our community's strong quality of life assets, we engaged the Veridus Group and SLE Analytics to conduct a Downtown Market Analysis to determine demand and identify the most likely industries for business recruitment opportunities in Downtown Yorktown. We can utilize the data gathered from this analysis to attract retail consultants, site selectors, and companies directly.

Through this analysis, we were able to determine that the following industries should be targeted for downtown redevelopment:

  • Upscale Marketplace (grocery stores; specialty food stores; beer, wine, and liquor stores)
  • High-end Restaurants & Coffee Shops/Bakeries
  • Sports/Recreation/Hobby Retail

We would like to thank members of the Town Council, Redevelopment Commission, and Steering Committee for their guidance and feedback during the process of conducting this analysis. Please click here to view the entire analysis, which includes local/regional/national economic and employment data and trends.

For questions about the Downtown Market Analysis, please contact the Town Manager's office at (765) 759-4003.