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Board of Zoning Appeals


 Members:                                                   Term Expires:                          

Cindy Spears (Citizen)                                       Jan. 2018               

Tom Hurley (Citizen)                                          Jan. 2018                

Jerry Hoffman (Plan Comm)                               Jan. 2020         

Mike Raper (Citizen)                                          Jan. 2021                

Kimberly Cuthbertson (Plan Comm) (President)   Jan. 2019         

The Yorktown Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is composed of five members: three citizens and two citizen members that also serve on the Plan Commission. Each board member is appointed by the Town Council President. The board meets as needed at the Field Operations Building conference room.
The purpose of the BZA is to hear testimony from applicants and the public regarding Petitions for Use Variances, Design Variances, and Special Exceptions to the Yorktown Zoning Ordinance.  Applications for variance petitions and Special Exceptions are available through the Office of the Zoning Administrator/ Building Commissioner.
Questions about the Board of Zoning Appeals may be directed to the Office of the Zoning Administrator/Building Commissioner at (765) 759-0142.

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