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Redevelopment Authority

Members:                  Term Expires:   
Rodney Morrow             January 2021  
Randy Sollars                January 2021  
Michael Burke               January 2021 
The Yorktown Redevelopment Authority consists of three members each serving three-year terms. All members are appointed by the Town Council President and must be residents of Yorktown. The board meets as needed.

This board was created by Ordinance No. 428 passed by the Town Council on August 19, 2002. The board was created for the purpose of financing, constructing, and leasing public improvements to the Commission; financing and constructing additional improvements owned by the Authority and leasing them to the Commission; and issuance of bonds to finance local public improvements.  The Authority distributes and monitors the funds that the Redevelopment Commission designates for the improvement of the community.

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